I'm gonna batter you!Come here! 

Acerca dos desacatos que têm ocorrido em Albufeira, e olha, porque hoje estava a ouvir no carro, porque regressei de Londres, porque Mike Skinner assina aqui um verdadeiro tratado sociológico descrevendo na perfeição Terry , o law abider , who likes to get fired up on beer e Tim, the criminal, for the choice of herbs he inhales. The irony of it all:
Eclesiastes 1:11.

Hello, Hello. My names Terry and I'm a law abider
There's nothing I like more than getting fired up on beer
And when the weekends here I to exercise my right to get paralytic and fight
Good bloke fairly
But I get well leery when geezers look at me funny
Bounce 'em round like bunnies
I'm likely to cause mischief
Good clean grief you must believe and I ain't no thief.
Law abiding and all, all legal.
And who cares about my liver when it feels good
Wwhat you need is some real manhood.
Rasher Rasher Barney and Kasha putting peoples backs up.
Public disorder, I'll give you public disorder.
I down eight pints and run all over the place
Spit in the face of an officer
See if that bothers you cause I never broke a law in my life
Someday I'm gonna settle down with a wife
Come on lads lets have another fight

Like I was saying to him.
I told him: "Top with me and you won't leave."
So I smacked him in the head and downed another Carling
Bada Bada Bing for the lad's night.
Mad fight, his face's a sad sight.
Vodka and Snake Bite.
Going on like a right geez, he's a twat,
Shouldn't have looked at me like that.
Anyway I'm an upstanding citizen
If a war came along I'd be on the front line with em.
Can't stand crime either them hooligans on heroin.
Drugs and criminals those thugs on the penny coloured will be the downfall of society
I've got all the anger pent up inside of me.

Causing trouble, your stinking rabble
Boys saying I'm the lad who's spoiling it
You're on drugs it really bugs me when people try and tell me I'm a thug
Just for getting drunk
I like getting drunk
Cause I'm an upstanding citizen
If a war came along I'd be on the front line with em.

The Irony Of It All Lyrics/ The Streets /Original Pirate Material (2002)

Ainda falta a parte do Tim intercalada, mas ficava gingantesco, não?

Pixies? tenho que escrever, afinal eu sou ...

E assim se encerra sessão Euro 2004.

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