Pequenas subversões I 

Ainda alguém ouve Mudhoney? Ainda sei esta de cor. Particular ênfase naquela yeah.


I got these looks
That just won't quit
I got at least
A half of some kind of wit
I got a guitar
Check it out I'm a star
Hey kids, how would I look on
The cover of Spin?

Well, well
We're all gone
Well, well
Right on, right on, right on

Listen to my songs
I guarantee you'll relate
Look at me
Recognize your face
My daddy's rich
And my mama's good lookin', yeah!
Hush little baby
So am I

I'm the spokesmodel of your generation, baby
I'll lose my shirt for ventilation

Thanks to the kids
For making me who I am
Twenty percent of the gross
Goes straight to the man

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